Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pizza -and- the Harvest Festival

While shopping at Safeway on Sunday, we picked up a fresh pizza from the deli there. Laura had volunteered to work at the Harvest Festival, beginning at 7:30 PM, so we decided that a pizza prior to her departing for the event would be a great choice for dinner, rather than eating late following her return. The pizza was called "The Works" and was HUGE! We ate and ate and ate, and there was half remaining when we could eat no more. It was easily the best non-delivery pizza I have ever eaten! It was also an incredible bargain at only $7.00!

We have made a discovery, certainly, and will enjoy Safeway deli pizzas often in the future. A Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale was an excellent accompaniment.

The Harvest Festival was a great success! The weather was perfect. Over 4,000 people enjoyed this Christian alternative to Halloween. This event is presented each year by Harvest Christian Center. There were games, music, cookies, and lots of candy. The event is an example of Harvest Christian Center's dedication to the salvation and spiritual growth of the youth of this area.

It is overcast today and 63 degrees at 8 AM. It is entirely possible that our beautiful weather will soon be a fond memory.