Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Name Game -and- Windows Mobile 5.0

Texas Town Changes Name to "Dish" - residents get free satellite service for 10 years

Sheriff's Hot Line Misprint sends calls from retirees to sex line

Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 is now available. Its enhancements and added features make my current Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2002 seem very dated. Add to this the annoyance of a broken on/off button (other buttons power the device on, but only leaving the device idle will power it off), and it would seem that this is a perfect time to upgrade.

I have a fear, however, and it causes me to hesitate: Laura takes possession of Penelope (my Pocket PC) upon her arrival after work and plays Mah Jongg feverishly, stopping only when her fingers begin to cramp. My fear is if I replace Penelope and give her to Laura, Laura might easily fall prey to the lure of Mah Jongg while she is commuting. The vision of her engaged in gameplay at 60 miles an hour is extremely frightening. My lust for a new device is at odds with my concern for Laura's safety. Whatever shall I do?