Saturday, November 19, 2005

Party Time!

Tomorrow is the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and what a party it will be! I am greatly anticipating this event, as one might well imagine.

Admission to the party will be limited to Sierra Nevada employees, spouses, and guests. A special brew -- 25th Anniversary Ale -- has been produced especially for this event. This special production is extremely limited and will not be made available for sale to the public. Distribution will be limited solely to employees, as a gift in the form of a case of 24-ounce bottles for each of the more than 400 employees!

The menu is astounding; I am salivating uncontrollably as I view it.

To be passed: Butternut Squash Samosas, with cilantro mint dipping sauce; Mushroom and Goat Cheese Bundles, with filo pastry; Shrimp Toasts, with Thai dipping sauce; Spiced Crab with Artichoke and Parmesan, served warm on garlic toasts.

Downstairs: Cheese Display - three tables, three themes, featuring California, Spanish, and English cheeses, with fall fruits and sliced breads; Korean BBQ Beef - staff will be slicing marinated grilled beef and instructing guests how to wrap with lettuce and herbs, two dipping sauces (sweet chili and peanut); Mims Desserts - bite-sized sweets and delicious cakes.

Mezzanine: Chicken Marsala - a sauce with tomato, Indian spices, toasted cashews, and coconut; Chicken Ragout with Pancetta - Italian style, with fresh herbs; Rice Pilaf - with spices and crisp fried onions; Mushroom Risotto; Roasted Autumn Vegetables - preserved lemon and fresh thyme; Roasted Pork Loin - with fall fruits; Roasted Garlic Potatoes; Market Green Salad - a salad display with choice of two dressings (sherry wine vinaigrette with pomegranate and Pointe Reyes blue cheese dressing.

There will be live music, a dazzling array of Sierra Nevada ales and lagers, and fine California wines.