Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday and Some Sunshine

This morning was breezy but not particularly cold. We departed for church sans jackets and were comfortable. We shopped at Sav-Mor Foods following church. Beautiful, ripe avocadoes were on sale at three for a dollar! We bought six. There were about thirty cases of avocadoes on display! We found an incredible London Broil -- nearly four pounds -- at only $2.68 per pound. We had intended to cook a cross-rib roast today, but this London Broil called out to me! I showed it to Laura, and she said, "That's beautiful, but we will have to grill it; we can't cook it like a roast." "Oh, yes we can," I assured her.

While Laura stowed our purchases, I sipped a frosty beverage (Smirnoff, orange juice, and lime juice) and made a batch of guacamole, with a quantity of hot, fresh salsa and two of the avocadoes. We enjoyed the guacamole with some Mission Salsa Roja tortilla chips, smoked turkey sandwiches, and Sierra Nevada Celebration Ales.

The London Broil was seared on all surfaces in some La Conda Ranch extra-virgin olive oil. A cup of California Merlot joined the meat, along with baby red potatoes, a quartered Maui onion, celery, baby carrots, onion soup mix, garlic powder, ground black pepper, and Cajun seasoning. It has been cooking since 2 PM and should be ready at 7 PM. It smells wonderful!