Monday, September 30, 2013

Food, In the News, and Enjoy

Food - Apparently, there shall be no stopping Laura! She determined that she thoroughly enjoys creating highly edible and particularly tasty items for our dining pleasure!

Friday evening, she created yet another of her wonderful pizzas.

She also produced a quantity of stellar Habanero Ginger Jelly. She filled six eight-ounce canning jars with this wonderful nectar. It is hot and sweet and absolutely wonderful.

Laura got the recipe for this delightful condiment here:

Simply So Good

Laura and I highly recommend this site. It offers many wonderful recipes.

Laura snatched a large London Broil from the butcher at the supermarket near our home. She placed it in the freezer. When it had frozen sufficiently to facilitate slicing it, I removed it from the freezer and sliced it with our Chef's Choice meat slicer.

Laura covered it with an excellent marinade she created and placed it in the refrigerator. She turned the meat every two hours to ensure it marinated evenly. The marinade contained a quantity of ground black pepper, red pepper flakes, Pappy's seasoning, granulated garlic, teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, and lime juice.

Last evening, Laura removed the meat from the marinade, placed it on trays, and processed it with our nine-tray Excalibur dehydrator.

After several hours, the jerky was ready to be removed from the dehydrator and stored.

A thorough tasting of the jerky was requisite, of course, prior to packaging it for storage!

Two thick New York strip steaks currently reside in our refrigerator—delighting in the marinade Laura used on the jerky. These steaks shall be tossed upon the grill this evening, and I am drooling copiously in anticipation of devouring them!

Ah. Laura just sent me this photograph of delicacies given her by a co-worker. YUM! I eagerly await her use of these items in future meals!

In the News - Current events from the underbelly of the Internet!

  • Car Thief Sprayed with Invisible Dye in Police Trap
  • Art Exhibition Closes After 3 Patrons Suffer Apparent Seizures
  • Flour Made From Insects Will Feed Underfed Populations
  • Thugs Armed with Tasers Terrorizing DC Streets
  • Hillary Clinton Documentary Canceled at CNN

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  • Friday, September 27, 2013

    Food, In the News, and Enjoy

    Food - I produced a tasty dinner last evening. The recipe for my famous Panko-encrusted Chicken Livers and Calrose Rice appears in yesterday's blog post.

    Tonight, Laura will make one of her wonderful pizzas. Here are some images from a recent pizza she made.

    In the News - Here are some of today's interesting news items.

  • TSA Reports Recent Surge of Banned Items at Area Airports
  • WNBA's Diana Taurasi Gets Foul After Kissing Opponent
  • Apple's New iOS 7 Reportedly Making People Sick
  • Mother and Son Arrested for Strong-arm Robbery Spree
  • Flesh-eating Street Drug from Russia Hits U.S.

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  • Thursday, September 26, 2013

    Food, In the News, and Enjoy

    Food - Tuesday evening, Laura made Spaghetti alla Carbonara. It was delicious. Leftovers followed her to work. She used a recipe from Tyler Florence.

    The recipe can be found here:

    Spaghetti alla Carbonara

    Last evening, Laura produced an excellent Spinach Salad. It was a truly delightful meal. She used a recipe from Tyler Florence.

    The recipe can be found here:

    Spinach Salad

    Laura has proven herself to be an excellent chef. Traditionally, I have done most of the cooking. I generally do not use recipes—other than my own. Laura has an excellent talent for finding recipes that appeal to her and producing great meals from them. She has an ability to make whatever alterations in the recipes she feels are warranted to better address our personal tastes.

    Tonight, I shall produce my famous Spicy Panko-encrusted Chicken Livers with Calrose Rice.

    The recipe is simple: Place one cup of Calrose rice and two cups of water in a casserole dish. Cover with a dampened paper towel and cook on high for five minutes in a microwave oven. Stir and continue to cook on high for another three minutes or until rice is fully cooked. Cover and set aside.

    Wash chicken livers and set aside on paper towels. Add ground black pepper, red pepper flakes, Gebhardt's chili powder, and granulated garlic to one box of Panko and mix thoroughly. Place chicken livers in Panko mixture and coat well. Pour 1/4 cup of extra-virgin olive oil in a large sauté pan and pre-heat to medium. Add chicken livers and cook until browned—turning once. When livers are fully cooked, add green onions, stir lightly, pour over rice, and take the dish to the table.

    Use Sriracha hot chili sauce as a condiment. This is an absolutely delicious meal.

    Laura made Habanero Ginger Jelly. This is absolutely delicious on buttered toast, crackers with cream cheese, or just about anything!

    She used this recipe:

    Habanero Ginger Jelly

    In the News - News items of interest.

  • Migrating Spiders Sailing Through North Texas Skies
  • Utah Coach Suspends His Entire Team Over Poor Discipline, Cyberbullying
  • Airline Pilots Asleep In the Cockpit During Long-haul Flight
  • Hollywood's New Favorite Cars Are Armored and Electrified

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  • Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    National One-Hit Wonder Day, In the News, and Enjoy

    National One-Hit Wonder Day - National One-Hit Wonder Day honors the one-hit wonders of rock ’n’ roll. Anyone who ever had a hit single deserves eternal remembrance.

    A one-hit wonder is a person or act known mainly for only a single success. The term is most often used to describe music performers with only one hit single or for having one signature song that overshadows their other work.

    However, the term is used as well to describe other, related phenomenon such as a software company that only has one widely successful release and an athlete known for only one major career event.

    For one-hit wonder lists by decade, visit One-Hit Wonder Central

    In the News - Here you will find strange, unusual, weird, and otherwise interesting news items!

  • Cash-strapped USPS Considers Emergency Rate Hike
  • Another California County Votes for Secession
  • Wild Hogs Roam Streets, Scare People Near Atlanta
  • U.S. Army Cracks Down on Tattoos

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  • Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    National Voter Registration Day and Have Fun!

    - Today is National Voter Registration Day!

    If you are not already registered to vote, you may do so quickly and easily by visiting National Voter Registration Day.

    The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) (42 U.S.C. § 1973gg), also known as The Motor Voter Act, was signed into on May 20, 1993. Compliance did not become mandatory until 1995. The legislation required state governments to allow for registration when a qualifying voter applied for or renewed his driver's license or applied for social services.

    The legislation was initially designed to reduce costs of voting registration by accumulating individual data when applying for a drivers license and or receiving social assistance. Individuals who applied for "agency based" needs such as food stamps, disability services and other social services were to be offered voter registration, as well. The intention of the legislation was to encourage greater access to voter registration for the citizens who needed further assistance registering to vote. Also, NVRA allowed for more accessible voter registration through mail-in and individual voter registration drives.

    You may also easily register to vote by going to National Voter Registration Assistance

    Fun - Now, let us have some fun!

    Monday, September 23, 2013

    The Autumnal Equinox Arrived

    The Autumnal Equinox Arrived - Yesterday was the first day of Fall!

    The season officially began at 4:44 PM EDT during the autumnal equinox—when the Sun crosses directly over the Earth's equator and both day and night are about equal. Fall will last three months—until the beginning of Winter on December 21, according to the U.S. Naval Observatory.

    There are quite a few reasons to appreciate the season, including some spectacular foliage.

    Enjoy! - Relax, be pleased by the cool weather, take time to appreciate the beautiful Fall colors God provides for our pleasure, and enjoy these images and videos!