Monday, November 07, 2005

The Rain Is Here

In case you have not noticed the Web cam today, the rain is here. It is still fairly warm (high 60s), but it is definitely wet here!

There will be no grilling tonight! Catfish is on the menu tonight, and it shall be cooked indoors! Wild rice will accompany the catfish. I am salivating at the thought; I have had only an apple today and am ready for a nice meal!

Today was spent removing some particularly nasty Trojans and a quantity of spyware from two clients' systems. I am weary from the travail. Regardless of how much I deal with worms, Trojans, viruses, spyware, and adware I always find it draining and loathsome work. It wearies me unduly.

6:40 PM Update: When I left my office at 4 PM, the rain was falling so violently that RAMMMMM's wipers were barely able to keep the windshield clear. It is still pouring, and if this continues much longer there will be significant flooding. The flooding here is not generally dangerous, but it can certainly be inconvenient!

The wild rice is cooking in the rice cooker and smells wonderful. It is time to put a dry rub on the catfish. Yum!