Friday, November 04, 2005

Where Is the Storm?

Where is the storm that was predicted? Yesterday was windy and chilly, but there was no rain. Today, the wind is gone, and the sun is shining. I am not complaining, since I loathe rain and cold weather. Hopefully, we will be grilling this weekend!

RAMMMMM was dangerously thirsty for fuel this morning; in fact, he has been dangerously thirsty for several days. The lines at the gas station near my house have been discouragingly long, however. This morning, the needle on RAMMMMM's fuel gauge cried out to me, demanding attention. Never underestimate the power of prayer: As I departed my parking space in front of my house, I thanked God for facilitating access to the fuel pumps. When I turned the corner and the gas pumps came into view, I was thankful (but not surprised) to see that the path to the pumps was clear. There were no vehicles ahead of me!

The credit card processing system at the pumping station was inoperative. I went inside to pay and was asked for my driver's license. I displayed it but said, "Think about this, if you will: Had the machine been operative, it would not have asked to see my driver's license." The clerk admitted that this was a valid observation.

Fuel prices remain high here. Premium was $2.89 per gallon this morning. $40.00 worth of this precious fluid moved the needle of RAMMMMM's fuel gauge barely 1/3 of the distance between E and F. RAMMMMM was dangerously thirsty.