Saturday, November 05, 2005

Voting -and- No Pizza

We vote absentee. I have done so for about 30 years, and Laura began doing so several years ago. I much prefer the comfort of my home or office, with research information at hand, to the polling place. Laura is voting today. She has been very tardy and must now take her ballot to the polling place in order that it is received in time to be counted.

I cast my ballot two weeks ago. I was doing so at my office and was interrupted by a client who asked what I was doing. I thought it was obvious, but I told her that I was voting. She told me, "Only people who can't make it to the polling place are supposed to vote absentee." A discussion followed, during which it became apparent that not only did this lady have no clear understanding of the absentee voting process, she had no understanding whatever of the measures. Her voting "strategy" employed using a pamphlet sent out by our Governor, casting her vote in direct opposition to Arnold's suggestions. I said, "All things considered, California would be better served were you to stay in bed on election day." She frowned and said, "Voting is a right that cannot be taken away." "Actually," I said, "voting is a privilege that can be taken away. At that point, she grimaced and turned the discussion to her computer. Her description of the problems she was experiencing indicated to me that her computer was infected with spyware. I told her this and quoted an estimate for the removal of the spyware. She thanked me and left. She returned the following day with her computer. There were no political discussions.

Generally, we have pizza on Friday nights. We enjoy pizza, beverages, and a movie or two on Fridays, because (in part) preparation and cleanup are minimal, and relaxation and entertainment are primary. Since we had so much pizza earlier in the week, it was decided that we would seek an alternate -- albeit similarly "easy" -- meal. We happened upon Country Crock Macaroni and Cheese at Safeway. We had seen this product advertised on television. We generally eschew such prepared foods but decided to try it. We added a large kielbasa and a large jug of Smirnoff to the shopping cart. We grilled the kielbasa and put the tub of macaroni and cheese in the microwave for five minutes, as directed. With a spicy horseradish mustard dip for the grilled kielbasa and a healthy sprinkling of chrushed red peppers on the macaroni and cheese, all was very tasty. I recommend Country Crock Macaroni and Cheese.