Monday, October 31, 2005

Yet Another Empty Building on Solano Street

Cannon's Emporium is no more, and now there is yet another empty building on Solano Street -- directly across the street from my office. It was sufficiently unattractive when it was occupied -- painted a depressing dark-rust color -- but it is all the more unattractive now that it is vacant. It is a very large building, this fact certainly contributing to its obvious and dismal emptiness.

A drive along the six-block business district of Solano Street gives one the impression that there are more empty buildings than occupied buildings. This may not, in fact, be the case. I have not taken the time to count and determine whether the majority are empty. It certainly does appear, however, that the majority are empty. Three other empty buildings border the empty eyesore.

Interestingly, the vast majority of empty buildings are on the opposite side of Solano Street from my office. This makes my side of the street, in general, and this block, in particular, appear thriving; it certainly makes an unattractive and depressing view from my front windows, however. For this reason, I have my Web cam pointed away from the empty buildings -- pointed toward a thriving pharmacy and busy intersection.