Friday, November 11, 2005

Can Your Cat Make You Crazy? -and- Veterans' Day

Can Your Cat Make You Crazy? - a scientific study!

Granny's Got a Gun! - and she uses it!

Today is Veterans' Day. Most businesses are closed for this holiday, but here I am, slaving away. The weather is beautiful, and it is my expectation to leave at 2 PM and enjoy the balance of the day eschewing the glow of the monitor and enjoying the glow of the sun.

This morning, I serviced a notebook that exhibited signs of infestation. I installed anti-spyware and anti-virus applications, which detected and removed 468 spyware/adware objects and 12 viruses/worms. People who create and spread these threats are vermin, and I am greatly pleased whenever I read of the capture of one of these creatures. Common decency prohibits me from opining upon what I consider to be appropriate punishment for such abhorrent individuals.