Monday, November 28, 2005

It's Tough Being a Superhero!

It's Tough Being a Superhero! - Spiderman arrested

Whew! It is difficult returning to work after four days of relaxation! Following four days of warm, sunny weather, relaxing at home, it was difficult indeed to look out the window at the rain and convince myself it was time to return to work! It appears that our beautiful weather is gone -- replaced by this dismal, wet, cold, windy weather. This was inevitable, but it was such a rude awakening this morning seeing that winter weather had arrived!

We simmered the turkey carcass for six hours yesterday. Tonight, we will add vegetables, turkey, herbs, and spices and produce approximately eight quarts of premium turkey soup. Seven quarts will go into the freezer in one-quart containers. It is a wonderful feeling knowing all that delightful turkey soup awaits our dining pleasure. The eighth quart of soup will be enjoyed tonight -- a perfect meal for such foul weather! There is a beautiful 3-pound London Broil waiting to be grilled tomorrow evening, along with giant white mushrooms, Jalapeños, and asparagus.