Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Divorce -and- Turkey Soup

Divorce - woman wins 10,000-year settlement

The sun was shining when I awakened this morning! It disappeared an hour later, but it was beautiful while it lasted. It is dry but cold and overcast. More rain is predicted.

Laura has been suffering from a cold since Friday. She is much recovered today -- due, to a great extent, to the wonderfully restorative turkey soup I made last evening! She took a goodly portion of this delightful soup to work with her this morning to enjoy for lunch. While eating soup last night, her sinuses cleared, sweat beads appeared on her brow, and her fever broke. Never underestimate the curative power of turkey soup -- particularly when it is replete with Jalapeños, Habaneros, and garlic!

I was notified that the new HP hx2790 Pocket PC shipped yesterday. It is estimated to arrive here December 6. When it arrives, I shall, of course, make it the subject of that day's post!