Monday, November 21, 2005

Stop Snoring! -and- HP iPAQ hx2790

Stop Snoring! - sleep apnea may double risk of stroke and death

Following intensive research (and considerable fretting over Laura's safety -- realizing the risk that she might be tempted to engage in Mah Jongg play once she has Penelope with her during her commute), I have decided upon the new HP iPAQ hx2790 Pocket PC. This device runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, which affords significant improvements and enhancements over Penelope's Microsoft Windows Mobile 2002. Wireless Internet has not been possible with 2002 and should work flawlessly with 5.0.

One of the most innovative features of the hx2790 is the biometric fingerprint scanner. This level of security ensures that personal information remains personal.

The hx2790 was not available yet when I pre-ordered it from my HP distributor. It is expected to arrive here December 6. Penelope -- an ASUS A600 -- has served me well for over three years. She shall doubtlessly serve Laura well now.