Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Girl Named Moon Unit

A Girl Named Moon Unit - top 10 celebrity children bizarre name poll

It is sunny and warm (66 degrees at 8 AM), but it is very windy -- 40 mph-plus! Generally, when it is windy early in the day the wind abates in the afternoon. Public Works employees are affixing Christmas trees to the street light poles, and the wind is making this task an unpleasant one.

Scientists Decipher Squirrel-speak - huh?!?

Speaking of San Francisco, the NRA is preparing a lawsuit against the San Francisco gun ban. I predicted the NRA would do this when I first heard of the ban. It is very encouraging to see that my prediction will soon be realized. San Francisco is dangerously out of control. In the absence of a controlled earthquake, the NRA will hopefully bring about a resolution to this insanity.