Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Burger Madness

Burger Madness - Ronald MacDonald robs Wendy's!

Brrrrrr! It is warm here in my office, but it is cold outside! It snowed in the foothills last night, only a few miles from here. Watching cars covered with snow drive by on my Web cam makes me shiver!

If you have not already determined this: I am a warm-weather lover! I loathe wearing heavy clothing. I could never live somewhere that has long, cold winters. I know people who prefer the cold weather, and I am completely amazed by this preference. There are times here that it becomes a bit too hot (110 degrees and higher), but even on those days I am much happier than I am on cold, wet days such as today!

The weatherman says we may get some sunshine this afternoon. I hope this is one of those rare times when he is correct!