Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hic!, Whoa!, -and- Address Madness

Hic! - distillery to produce 184-proof whiskey
Whoa! - horses given Viagra to make them faster
Address Madness - Psycho Path voted craziest street name

The rain stopped sometime during the night, and the sun is shining! The rain is predicted to return later today, but praise God for this glorious respite from the storm!

Today is sensory day for Laura. She is on the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. tasting discrimination panel and has sensory every Tuesday at 9:30 AM.

Sensory consists of tasting one or two "flights" of beers in a "triangle" test (3 beers per flight). The purpose of the discrimination panel is to determine whether any difference exists between the samples (each flight is always the same beer, but 1 of the 3 has a slight difference to it, perhaps the use of a different variety of hops, etc.) and whether the difference is perceptible enough that the public might notice the difference.

Sierra Nevada strives for extreme quality assurance and consistency in its brews.

Those interested in becoming part of the taste discrimination panel must first submit to a battery of tests to determine if their palates are sensitive enough to perceive differences and nuances in the flavor, mouthfeel, body, etc., of the beer.

So in essence, part of Laura's paycheck involves her drinking beer every week! Sweet!

I just enjoyed an exciting game of Bubble Breaker: I managed to get 36 contiguous red bubbles, creating 1260 points for one move, and ending in a score of 1856--less than my high score of 2018, but an exciting game nonetheless!