Tuesday, February 14, 2006

No Poser, This Bird's For You, -and- Be My Valentine

No Poser - Playgirl model declines man-of-year offer
This Bird's For You - SWAT team storms house following obscene gesture
Be My Valentine - man ordered to woo jailed girlfriend

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to get a Bubble Breaker score of 1596. While this score is certainly well below my high score of 2018, it was an exciting game!

Laura and I are going to celebrate Valentine's Day at home this evening, dining upon sushi and champagne.

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We watched a program on the National Geographic Channel last evening called
Extreme Sleepwalking. This program proposed the theory that sleepwalkers may commit murder while sleepwalking. Science, it seems, promotes this theory, but the law does not. The program focused on a man who is serving life in prison for the murder of his wife. Although a neighbor witnessed the murder and testified to that in court, the man claimed he had no recollection of the event. The man had a documented history of sleepwalking, and his defense was that he had been sleepwalking when he murdered his wife.

I know that sleepwalking is real. I once had a friend who was a sleepwalker. I do not, however, believe that a sleepwalker will perform an act while sleepwalking that he would not perform while awake. I do not believe that sleepwalking is a valid defense. The "sleepwalking defense" is strongly supported by liberal psychologists. Courts, for the most part, strongly oppose the concept, and successful sleepwalking defenses are very rare indeed.

Happy Valentine's Day!