Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ribbit!, Highway to Hell, -and- Queerly Beloved

Ribbit! - toxic toads down under
Highway to Hell - man in satanic Renault terror ordeal
Queerly Beloved - Idaho moves to ban gay marriage

BRRRRR! It is COLD this morning! There was ICE on RAMMMMM's windshield this morning! My office was 53 degrees at 8:30 AM--10 degrees lower than it was yesterday at the same time! Perhaps (unlikely though it may seem) the weather people are right, and their forecasting of snow for this weekend will be realized! Yikes! It has been nearly ten years since we had snow here. (It snowed a tiny bit about five years ago, but the snow barely covered the ground and was gone by mid morning.) Many people here have never driven in snow, and most of those who have lack the experience necessary to do it well. If it does snow, it will be a frightening time to be on the road here!