Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Homo on the Range, Cops Gone Wild, -and- Open Wide

Homo on the Range - Brokeback Mountain inspires humor
Cops Gone Wild - cheating deputies to be suspended
Open Wide - villagers pull hunter from mouth of crocodile

What a beautiful day this is! Every day is beautiful, of course, but today is particularly beautiful. It was 64 degrees when I arrived here at 8:30 AM, and it is predicted to be in the high 70s this afternoon. Pig will roast on the grill tonight!

This morning, an acquaintance asked me whether I had seen "Brokeback Mountain." I told her that my time was much too valuable to waste it viewing such trash. She asked me how I could call a movie that has received such critical acclaim "trash."

I said, "I am reminded of what Katherine Hepburn said about 'Midnight Cowboy,' another over-hyped movie with a gay theme: 'If the movie had been about a boy and a girl, instead of two boys, everybody would have realized it was a stinker!'"