Monday, February 27, 2006

Homos on the Range, Biting Mad, -and- I Dare You

Homos on the Range - Moses takes on gay cowboys on new T-shirt
Biting Mad - man gets six years for biting off gang leader's ear
I Dare You - Orlando boy falls from roller coaster

POSER: (Congratulations to Cindy for correctly solving the Poser!)
Q: What do you call domestic insects at their wits' end?
A: Desperate Houseflies!

I enjoyed an exciting game of Bubble Breaker last Friday: While the score of 1780 was well below my high score of 2018, this game had a very exciting moment when I connected 34 red bubbles! This resulted in 1122 points for that single move!

The excellent weather appears to have abandoned us for now. It began to sprinkle yesterday around 1:30 PM. Soon, the sprinkling turned to rain. It rained all day and throughout the night, and it continues to rain today. The forecast (for what it may be worth) is for several more days of rain. Current weather reports call for 4 to 6 inches of rain during the next three days!