Friday, February 10, 2006

Thin Lizzie, Mack the Knife, -and- Wake Up Little Susie

Thin Lizzie 37-pound mother gives birth to healthy baby
Mack the Knife - UK launches amnesty to reduce stabbings
Wake Up Little Susie - woman told she is not dead after all

Here is the poser for this weekend: (I will post the answer on Monday.)
Q. Where do orphaned chickens go?

We are nearing the weekend, and the weather is still beautiful! It was 63 degrees at 8:30 AM, the sun is shining brightly, there is only a gentle breeze, and it appears that this glorious weather will continue through the weekend!

Convicted sex predators in Illinois would have to wear a tracking device for 40 years after being released from prison under a bill advanced Wednesday by House committee. The proposal would enable the Department of Corrections to pinpoint at all times the locations of the state's sex predators. The House Criminal Law Committee voted unanimously to advance the bill to the full House.

If enacted, sex predators would wear ankle collars that use the global positioning system (GPS), enabling real-time monitoring. The ACLU has expressed opposition to the bill, saying that such a law would violate the offenders' privacy rights. Once again, the ACLU takes the position that the "rights" of the offender are of greater importance than the rights of the victim and that the safety of the public is secondary.

The ACLU is the most dangerous organization in the U.S. today. Its agenda is representative of the general moral decay extant in this country. The ACLU should be abolished