Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Homos on the Range, Hic!, -and- Drink Up!

Homos on the Range - Willie Nelson releases gay cowboy song
Hic! - snow-plough driver drunk
Drink Up! - toilet water cleaner than ice at fast-food restaurants

Laura and I had sushi and champagne for Valentine's Day dinner last evening, and it was delicious! Raley's had Cooks champagne on sale for $3.99 a bottle--a definite bargain--so Laura bought two bottles when she picked up the sushi she had ordered earlier. Hic!

You may notice that the visitor counter has been reset. My domain, which hosts the Web counter (California Technologies) was migrated to a new server yesterday, which resulted in the resetting of all Web counters. I am awaiting a response from Verio tech support to determine whether this situation can be remedied.

Shares in online gaming groups with the majority of their customers in the US plummeted yesterday. The market was spooked by a warning on a gambling Web site that the Republican Senator Bob Goodlatte was preparing to present a new "prohibition bill" to the House of Representatives next week.

Online gambling companies are not allowed to operate in the US and base themselves offshore, but the authorities have so far failed to stop Americans using the sites.

An estimated 8 million Americans logged on to gaming sites last year. Previous attempts to stamp out online gambling by Americans have failed, but sponsors of new bills are becoming more optimistic.