Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just Say No, OOPS!, -and- License and Registration

Just Say No - bags of cocaine brought to class by second grader
OOPS! - man dangles girlfriend, drops her 23 stories
License and Registration - woman fakes death to avoid paying traffic fines

What a beautiful day this is! The rain did not visit us last night as forecast, and today is sunny and warm, and the sky is clear of the clouds that loomed threateningly yesterday!

There once was a warning in Hollywood, "Never get caught with a dead girl or a live boy." How things have changed, sadly. What was once considered an immoral career destroyer is now embraced by the entertainment industry. In what has been billed Oscar's "year of the queer," the romancing cowboys of "Brokeback Mountain" are joined by "Capote," the story of gay US author Truman Capote, and "Transamerica," the tale of a transsexual in the process of becoming a woman. In addition to the rash of gay-themed films, country legend Willie Nelson has issued a single about gay cowboys called "Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)."

It was only 24 years ago that Arthur Hiller's drama "Making Love," about a married doctor who discovers he is bisexual, caused movie-goers to leave theatres when the lead character kissed another man.

The entertainment industry is driven by sales. It is (well past) time for audiences to make their objections to abhorrently immoral movies, music, and television programming known!