Friday, February 03, 2006

The Best Of the Super Bowl, Boys Will Be Girls, -and- Dude Where's My Dog?

The Best Of the Super Bowl - skip the game and watch the commercials online
Boys Will Be Girls - James Bond director arrested in drag during prostitution sting
Dude, Where's My Dog? - giant owl with taste for dogs caught

The storm that was anticipated last night did not appear! It is a beautiful day, sunny and warm (62 degrees at 8:30 AM). It appears that we will enjoy excellent grilling weather this weekend! We enjoyed a yummy spinach salad last evening, and Laura scurried off to work this morning with the leftovers in tow. Tonight, we shall take a respite from our usual Friday night pizza and enjoy some sautéed tilapia and blanched, chilled broccoli. Tomorrow night, we shall have surf and turf: Grilled ahi and filet mignon!

We watched a very disturbing documentary on the Discovery Times Channel last evening. It concerned illegal trafficking in exotic animals. Hidden cameras accompanied teams of undercover personnel posing as buyers. Several traffickers were arrested. The abuse to the animals and birds that they offered for sale was difficult to watch: Birds had their eyes sewn shut, animals were stuffed into crude wooden crates disguised as luggage, animals intended to be sold as children's pets had their teeth broken off with pliers to prevent biting, etc., etc.

I can think of no punishment that would be unreasonable for those who traffic in exotic birds and animals!