Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Life Imitates Art, Cop Gone Wild, -and- The Fats of Life

Life Imitates Art - experts blame CSI for educating criminals
Cop Gone Wild - deputy uses dashboard camera to record bikini-clad women
The Fats of Life - new potato has half the calories

New Bubble Breaker High Score: 2018 !!! I was playing Bubble Breaker yesterday afternoon, as I often do near the end of the business day. I find it a pleasant way to relax. It was a game like any other game of Bubble Breaker. Bubbles broke and disappeared, new bubbles appeared, bubbles shifted, etc. My score reached 1326. I became feverish, anticipating the possibility of passing my high score of 1396. Suddenly, I had done it! With a score of 1466 and several bubbles remaining, I made it my goal to reach 1500. Suddenly, I had done it! I set a new goal of 1600, then 1700, then 1800, then 1900. I was feverish, my brow was moist, my pulse was rapid and irregular, my breathing was labored, my vision was blurred, and I found it increasingly difficult to clutch the stylus firmly--nearly dropping it several times. I heard a brief fanfare and realized that the game had ended. As my vision cleared, I gazed in wonder at my score: 2018!