Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dude Where's My Weed?, Car Lust, -and- It's Back!

Dude, Where's My Weed? - man reports stolen marijuana to police
Car Lust - pastor sentenced for selling church to buy BMW
It's Back! - lost wallet returned after 39 years

I was awakened this morning at approximately 6:45 AM by the sounds of screaming, profanity, and slammed doors. The disturbance came from the neighboring house. The noise level was sufficient to cause our kitties to cower in fear, huddled together at the foot of our bed. It was also apparently loud enough that another neighbor called the police, since within a few minutes of the disturbance two Corning Police vehicles cruised the area, spotlights trained on the house from which the disturbance had issued. One of the police cars continued to cruise the area while the second car came to rest behind the neighbor's vehicle. A Corning Police officer exited this car, flashlight probing the area, and walked to the neighbor's house.

You now know all that I know. If I learn more, I shall report it here.

Perhaps the event will appear on an upcoming episode of "Cops."