Friday, February 24, 2006

Armed and Stupid, Baa, -and- Body Snatchers

Armed and Stupid - teen arrested over image on his blog showing him with handguns
Baa - homeless man caught stealing sheep from zoo
Body Snatchers - four charged with stealing body parts

POSER: (Answer will appear on Monday.)
Q: What do you call domestic insects at their wits' end?

I have no problem whatever watching gory movie scenes, but when it is my blood being spilled, I am considerably less at ease. This morning at 7 AM, I went to the lab to have a sample of my blood taken for diagnosis as part of a routine physical examination. I gritted my teeth, clenched my fist, and looked away as the lab technician impaled me and began to suck my blood. There was a brief moment of pain, followed by a loud "snap" when she removed the rubber tie from my arm. I relaxed and held the cotton swab in place over the puncture while she applied tape to hold it in place. I was very thankful that the ordeal was over and began to rise from the chair. Imagine the horror I felt when she said, "Well, that didn't work out. Let's try the other arm"!

I survived, and here I am!

Do you recall Fat Cat from an earlier post? Well, here is Fatter Cat, a 45-pound domestic cat!