Monday, February 06, 2006

Picture This, The Outside Scoop, -and- Walk the Line

Picture This - teens photographed assault with cell phone
The Outside Scoop - dog doo in public means lifetime ban
Walk the Line - man offers cocaine to cop in squad car

Laura and I saw the last two minutes of the Super Bowl. Following church service at Harvest Christian Center, we did our weekly shopping. At 2 PM, we lounged in front of the television--frosty beverages in hand, a variety of cheeses, crackers, and other snack items arrayed before us--prepared for the Super Bowl.

Noting that it was an hour before the game would begin, I suggested that we watch an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Laura agreed, and I inserted a DVD containing the last episodes of Season One. Although it was very near game time when this episode ended, Laura suggested we watch "just one more" and scurried off to the kitchen to replenish our snack supply. We watched another episode. Laura then said she wanted to watch War of the Worlds, and I agreed. When the movie ended, we were in time to watch the last two minutes of the Super Bowl!

Australia is suffering a bed-bug epidemic. The tourism industry is losing an estimated $75 million a year because of the blood-sucking insects. Pest controllers have reported more than a 1,000 percent rise in bed-bug outbreaks.

I suppose one might say that bed bugs are taking a bite out of Australian tourism!