Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Wait, Drive My Car, -and- Tase Me!

The Wait - get paid to stand in line at DMV
Drive My Car - driver flees after crashing million-dollar Ferrari
Tase Me! - Kansas man challenges police

On the heels of the demise of NBC's "Book of Daniel," ABC's popular "Desperate Housewives" has become the latest target of a media watchdog organization that will sponsor a boycott of the advertisers., which is affiliated with the American Family Association, calls "Desperate Housewives" "one of the most vulgar and tasteless programs on television."

The group plans to monitor the program from April through June to identify companies that advertise during the show. will then call for a one-year boycott of one or more of the leading sponsors.

ABC says the show is watched by 15 million people each week. That means that 265 million do not watch the show but still end up paying for it by the products they buy.

The show's website describes the program: "A primetime soap with a truly contemporary take on 'happily every after,' this hit series takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia, where the secret lives of housewives aren't always what they seem."

I am encouraged by outraged groups putting pressure upon the entertainment industry to discourage objectionable programming.