Friday, February 17, 2006

Ho Hum, Pain in the Neck, -and- Keep Out!

Ho Hum - sex workers call for boycott of "Grand Theft Auto"
Pain in the Neck - doctor admits implanting screwdriver in patient
Keep Out! - "stolen stuff" sign on door alerts sheriff deputies

POSER: (Answer will appear on Monday.)
Q: What is the name of the newspaper in Tibet?

It was one degree warmer here at my office at 8:30 AM than it was yesterday at that time. It is still cold, and there was frost on RAMMMMM's windshield again this morning, but the wind is gone, and there is NO SNOW. Once again, the weather people are in error. Of course, current forecasts have changed since yesterday, and the "experts" are now predicting that the snow will visit us tonight or early tomorrow. I will simply wait until tomorrow, look out the window, and forecast the weather myself!

I had a client come to my office this morning to sign up for Internet access. While explaining the service to her, she interrupted me to ask, "You don't remember me, do you?" I told her that I did not recall having met her previously. When she told me her name, I was shocked. While I had not seen her in approximately ten years, she did not resemble the woman I once knew. I did not ask her what had caused such a physical decline that I failed to recognize her, but she felt compelled to explain. Therewith followed a frightful tale. Once a beautiful young woman, the person I saw before me was anything but beautiful and looked very old and tired. She said that she had started using cocaine eight years ago. Her use quickly escalated, and she soon found herself fired from her nursing position. She turned to a life of crime, selling drugs in order to support her habit. She was eventually arrested, sent to a rehabilitation facility, and given probation. She got a job and did well for six months but reunited with some of her old druggie friends and was soon using and dealing again. She was arrested, her probation was revoked, and she was sentenced to eight years in prison. She was released a couple of weeks ago and is working as a waitress at a local restaurant. She said that while she was in prison she was led to Christ by a visiting missionary. She said that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior five years ago and through the power of the Holy Spirit found the strength to avoid drug use. While she has lost her beauty and her earthly possessions, she has certainly found something greater!