Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wake Up!, What Is That Noise? -and- Monkey Business

Wake Up! - sleepwalking defense clears man of three rapes

What Is That Noise? - Eminem music used as U.S. torture device

Monkey Business - Chimp's painting fools art experts

New Bubble Breaker High Score: 958

I received a telemarketing call this morning. (Thanks to the National Do Not Call Registry, such calls are rare.) The caller wanted to send me a fax detailing the "...beautiful Web site..." that had been designed for California Technologies. He would not accept the fact that I am a Web designer as justification for my disinterest in his proposal. I regaled him, therefore, with the story of the juvenile sea sprite:

The juvenile sea sprite spends its formative days searching the ocean floor for a suitable rock or piece of coral to which to attach itself and make its home for life. To facilitate this process, the juvenile sea sprite is provided with a rudimentary nervous system. When the juvenile sea sprite locates a suitable rock or piece of coral and attaches itself, it no longer needs its brain, so it eats it.

The telemarketer was obviously entertained by the story of the juvenile sea sprite, since he did not disconnect until the story was completed--at which time he sighed softly and gently returned his telephone handset to its cradle.