Friday, December 16, 2005

It IS Delivery!, YOU Do the Dishes!, -and- FOG!

It IS Delivery! - the Robin Hood of pizza delivery guys

YOU Do the Dishes! - man kills family after argument over household chores

The HORROR of it all: It is foggy and cold and gloomy, and RAIN is predicted for the weekend! How can this be? We have pig ribs awaiting their fate on the grill. Whatever shall we do? I shudder to think of Laura barbecuing in the RAIN, but it is altogether likely that she will be required to do so! Yikes! The HORROR of it all!

I have become most enamored of "Bubble Breaker," a new game included in Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. There are game-play options, but there are no rules or help available--adding, undoubtedly, to the attraction the game holds for me. A bit of research using Google indicates that the game has quickly developed a large following. The only salient game-play hint I found suggests keeping matching bubbles at the bottom of the screen together as long as possible.

My high score is currently 478. I must go. I must play!