Thursday, December 22, 2005

The One That Didn't Get Away, Go Granny Go, -and- Good Kitty

The One That Didn't Get Away - trout with two mouths caught in Nebraska lake
Go, Granny, Go! - robbers mess with wrong lady
Good Kitty - tigers kill smuggler trying to hide among them

Rain, rain, and more rain! The weather report is, "Rain today, dark tonight"! I realize that we need the water, but a dry day or two would certainly be a welcome respite from all this rain! I suddenly felt great shame for complaining: I thought about the victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters; I thought about our brave soldiers fighting in Iraq and elsewhere; I thought about New Yorkers suffering from the transit strike; I thought about hunger and suffering in underdeveloped countries; I thought about victims of crime, terrorism, and oppression. I felt great shame. How fortunate I am! How God has blessed me! What, after all, is a little rain!