Friday, December 02, 2005

No, Rocky! -and- Sunshine!

No, Rocky! - squirrel pack kills dog

SUNSHINE! The sun is shining brightly (look at the Web cam image!), there is no wind, it is warming (65 degrees at 8:30 AM and quickly rising!), and this weather is predicted to last through the weekend. There will be grilling done here tomorrow! I am envisioning flames licking at thick, juicy top sirloin steaks, and this has caused me to salivate copiously!

Our computers and cameras have names. I feel that naming them enhances their functionality greatly and gives them personalities, as it were. My current ASUS A600 Pocket PC (Laura will become her new master December 6) is named Penelope. The HP hx2790 Pocket PC, which will replace Penelope, will be named Philomena.

The other "girls" are: Phaedra, my main office system; Pandora, my secondary office system; Liberty, my office system dedicated to DOJ background checks; Persephone, Laura's system; Phoebe, my laptop; Monique, my Nikon D1 digital camera; and Nikki, Laura's Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera.

It is now 9:35 AM, and the temperature has already reached 71 degrees! YES!