Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bad Dog, Bad Fish, and Bad Booze

Bad Dog! - boy gets nose back after dog eats and swallows it

Bad Fish! - man punches out shark to save son

Bad Booze! - moonshine kills 14

The sun is shining brightly. It is a beautiful day. Hopefully, this weather will last through the weekend. We have some lovely baby back pig ribs that are calling out to be cooked slowly on indirect heat on the grill. Saturday would be a perfect day for pig ribs and Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale!

This conversation took place yesterday: ME: California Technologies. CALLER: I'm looking for a modem. ME: I have Lucent internal V.92 modems in stock at $24.95. CALLER: Wal-Mart has modems for $19.95, but they are all out. ME: When I do not have any they are $19.95 also! CALLER: So the ones you have are $24.95? ME: Yes. CALLER: Is that installed? ME: No. Installation and configuration would be a half-hour labor charge of $30.00. CALLER: That makes the modem over fifty dollars! Wal-Mart has them for $19.95! ME: If you pay Wal-Mart $19.95 for a modem they do not have there will be nothing to install, so your only cost would be $19.95. CALLER: Why do you want to charge over fifty dollars then? ME: I have the modem in stock and I can install it! CALLER: If I put it in myself can I buy one for $19.95? ME: Yes. CALLER: Okay. I'll be right there. ME: I will be right here.

24 hours later, I am still waiting for this creature to darken my doorway!