Thursday, December 29, 2005

ET?, Sieg Heil, Don't Stand So Close, -and- Flooding

ET? - couple claims abducted/probed by aliens
Sieg Heil - prison term for Hitler voice mail
Don't Stand So Close - middle school bans touching

It has been dry since early yesterday morning. There is another storm predicted for Saturday. Rivers in Northern California are swollen. They are at their highest level in seven years. The RV park at the Sacramento River here was evacuated yesterday afternoon. The county park there is closed. The picnic tables are partially under water. The river is lapping at Woodson Bridge. Another storm would undoubtedly bring about severe flooding in this area. I pray that this storm does not arrive.

I have DirecTV here at the office and at home. DirecTV recently added XM satellite radio--72 channels of music and no Howard Stern--at no additional cost to subscribers. When I read that XM's competitor, Sirius, is paying Howard Stern $500 million for five years of his vile spew, I could not contain my disbelief and had to re-read the article to ensure I had read it properly. Certainly, this will ultimately result in the financial ruin of Sirius! I cannot possibly imagine that anyone will subscribe to Sirius in order to gain access to Howard Stern--certainly not in numbers sufficient to keep the company financially sound!