Thursday, December 15, 2005

Don't Bet on It -and- Don't Go Fly a Kite

Don't Bet on It - 19-year-old bank robber hooked on Internet gambling

Don't Go Fly a Kite - fly a kite, go to jail

It is another beautiful day today. I became most fearful late yesterday afternoon, when the sky suddenly filled with threatening clouds. Today, however, the clouds are gone, and the sun is shining brightly!

Laura has been busy this week: She is the wardrobe manager for Harvest Christian Center's annual Children's Christmas Play. She washed and ironed all the costumes and created a beautiful scroll, on which she wrote scripture in shorthand. She maintains the costumes and helps the children dress. The general comment at last night's performance was that the shorthand looked like Hebrew. There will be a second performance of the play tomorrow evening. I shall attend this performance. As it is each year, the play is a great success, playing to capacity audiences.

CALLER update: The CALLER from earlier this week finally darkened my doorway this morning. She said she bought a modem at Staples and was unable to install it. I repeated to her my installation charge of $30.00. She reluctantly agreed, said she had her computer with her, and left to fetch it. Horror of horrors: Her "computer" was an elderly Gateway that was enormous and incredibly heavy. After a bit of investigation, I determined that it was a 386 with 8MB of RAM, a 40MB HD, no CD-ROM drive, and Windows 3.1! Great Scott!

I explained tactfully that this old beast was without value and asked her how such an ancient device came into her possession. She said she had purchased it at a yard sale for $50. She said she got "...the whole deal...keyboard, mouse, screen, and all the books and stuff." I was amazed. I felt great compassion for her. I explained that none of what she had bought was of any value whatever. Once she understood this she asked, "Well, what do I do now? I have to get online!" I determined that she could not afford a new system. I gave her a list of the minimum system requirements she would need for Internet use and wished her well.