Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hey, Pizza Man! -and- Philomena

Hey, Pizza Man! - customer gives pizza man his own card

Philomena, my new HP iPAQ hx2970 Pocket PC, is awesome! Those interested can use the link for a full review. I will limit this post to a few salient observations.

Philomena operates under Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0. This new version has considerable improvements and enhancements over previous versions -- particularly regarding security and wireless technology.

Philomena's case has rubberized sides. This makes her easy to grasp firmly and comfortably. Her 1440ma battery is removable. Extra batteries -- including a 2880ma battery -- and a battery charger are available. CF and SD slots are included for increased storage capacity. The touch screen is soft and comfortable and eases handwriting. The wireless antenna is fully contained within the case, yet signal strength is stellar.

Philomena is calling out to me. I must go.