Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Frosty, Is That You? -and- Jane Fonda's Birthday

Frosty, Is That You? - neighbors build giant snowman in Anchorage

I read in the news this morning that today is Jane Fonda's birthday. I cannot imagine what makes this newsworthy, but there the story was--just under the story of Elton John's "wedding." Yikes! This all gave me pause to reconsider my choices of online news services. Fortunately, the Fox News Channel has (thus far, at least) made no mention of the event. Hopefully, they shall not. I really doubt that I possess the intestinal fortitude to view Hanoi Jane in a party hat, blowing out the candles on her birthday cake!

The timing of this event is interesting, however, in that it follows my recounting of the tale of the juvenile sea sprite!

It is raining yet today, albeit lightly. Yesterday afternoon, the rain was so heavy for a period of about fifteen minutes that the DirecTV satellite signal disappeared!