Monday, December 19, 2005

The Naked Plumber, That's Not Santa -and- Rain

The Naked Plumber - plumbing problem leads to naked man

That's Not Santa - man stuck in restaurant chimney

The rain has arrived. It was foggy Saturday, but it was dry. The baby back ribs roasted nicely on the grill, and Laura stayed dry while tending to them. A potato salad accompanied them, and the leftovers will be enjoyed tonight!

For brunch on Saturday, we had a DiGiorno Supreme pizza. We generally have pizza on Friday evening, but we were not sufficiently hungry at that time. Laura makes perfect pizza: She preheats the oven, places the pizza directly on the oven rack, and bakes several minutes short of the recommended time. The crust browns perfectly using this methodology, and the toppings are cooked to perfection. She lets the pizza rest on a wooden cutting board for five minutes before slicing.

Early (while we were sleeping) Sunday morning, the rain arrived. It rained all day and night, and it is raining still. Fortunately, it is a fairly light rain, and it is not particularly cold.

Although a good deal of time was spent playing Bubble Breaker over the weekend, I was unable to best Friday's score of 900.