Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weirdness in the News and Stupid Criminals

Weirdness in the News - Here are some of the truly bizarre stories in today's news:

  • California House Sells for $117.5 Million
  • Seattle Gun BuyBack Turns Into a Gun Show!
  • Some New York City Restaurants Ban Food Photography By Customers
  • Surfer Rides World-record 100-foot Wave in Portugal
  • New York Man, Faked Own Kidnapping To Extort Ransom
  • Boy Fakes Kidnapping So Parents Will Miss Teacher Conference

    Stupid Criminals - Here are some of the stupid criminals in today's news:

  • Woman Chokes Man for Hogging Blanket
  • Alleged Drunk Driver Accused Of Crashing Into About 17 Cars
  • Man Allegedly Points AK-47 Rifle at Daughter Over Grades
  • Dad Makes Daughter Wear Embarrassing Shirt To School For Breaking Curfew
  • Stoner Mice Eat Marijuana Evidence At Kansas Police Storage Facility
  • Man Hit With Car By Naked Fiancée, Police Say