Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Fog, Sunshine, Stupidity In the News, and True Facts About Sloths

Fog - It was 42° when I traveled to mine office this morning at 7:30 AM. That is a very pleasant and welcome temperature for this time of year at that time of day. It was particularly pleasant, since the wind was a mere 2 MPH.

Unfortunately, the humidity was 95%, and the dew point was 42°. The dew point is the temperature below which the water vapor in a volume of humid air at a constant barometric pressure will condense into liquid water. Condensed water is called dew when it forms on a solid surface.

Mr. Nitro R/T was fully bathed in dew this morning.

The dew point is a water-to-air saturation temperature. The dew point is associated with relative humidity. A high relative humidity indicates that the dew point is closer to the current air temperature.

This weather condition produced fog. As always—albeit with increased fervor during bad weather—I prayed Laura's journey to work in Chico would be without issue. It is very comforting to me knowing that Laura is an excellent driver. She has taken defensive driving training and puts her training into practice at all times.

Stupidity In the News

  • ORLANDO, Fla. - A College Park couple's vegetable garden is on the chopping block again after the city threatened $500 per day fines if they don't uproot it by Thursday.
  • Manhattan Restaurant Offers $2,000 Plate of Pasta
  • $99 "smart fork" watches what you eat
  • Fake mission to Mars leaves astronauts spaced out
  • BOOK: Scientologists believe Holocaust was planned and carried out by psychiatrists
  • New Social Network Created -- for Cats!
  • CA lawmaker calls for "bullet control"

    True Facts About Sloths - WARNING: There is a bit of foul language in this video. Please excuse this. The video is such a delight I could not eschew it!