Saturday, January 12, 2013

It Is Not Easy Being a Tree

It Is Not Easy Being a Tree - A tree must:

  • Be planted
  • Be watered
  • Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air
  • AND—above all—survive being uprooted by an automobile!

    These two trees were not prepared for being crashed into by an automobile. A tree, however, cannot be expected to be self-preparatory for such an event. After all, a tree is just that—a tree!

    Photograph by Julie R. Johnson/Corning Observer

    The two trees in this photograph were crashed into and uprooted by an 86-year-old female driver who—following a visit to a local hospital—was arrested for driving under the influence.

    Such accidents often involve other drivers, passengers, or pedestrians—innocent bystanders.

    In this instance, there were no other people involved. The trees were the only victims. The trees will receive replanting and good care. I have no doubt that they will survive.

    This accident took place Thursday at 4 PM—a mere 50 yards approximately from my office. I happened upon the scene while driving home from my office. At the time, I prayed no one was injured.

    People who drive while impaired by intoxication, lack of sleep, or distraction from cell-phone use, music selection, etc., are SELFISH! They think only of themselves and not of those whom they endanger.