Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inversion Layer, Mopar Breaking Bad, and DIYDigital HDTV Antenna

Inversion Layer - This morning, the temperature was 31° at 7 AM. A mere 50 miles from here (Paradise, CA), it was 55° at that time—as a result of an inversion layer.

The high today is forecast to be 71° here, while the temperature in Paradise is predicted to rise only 4°—to a high of 59°.

I had depleted the windshield washer fluid in Mr. Nitro R/T's reservoir earlier this week. I braved the frosty weather this morning and re-filled the reservoir. When I positioned myself in Mr. Nitro's cabin and actuated the wiper/washer, it became apparent that the fluid had frozen in the lines. I sat and waited impatiently while Mr. Nitro's defroster melted the carapace of rime on his windshield.

Mopar Breaking Bad - I cried when I saw the Challenger explode!

DIY Digital HD TV Antenna - We discontinued DirecTV years ago and use Roku(R) units on our four LCD HDTVs. This affords us over 7,500 channels. At times, we enjoy watching local news, however, and for this purpose, I installed an RCA HDTV antenna. If you wish to avoid the $25 or so an HDTV antenna will cost, here is an easy build that will cost less than a dollar!: