Friday, January 25, 2013

TGIF, Taxes, and Gun Control

TGIF - TGIF, Indeed! It seems to me that this year is passing very quickly. I realize that, in actuality, such is an impossibility: Each day is of equal length, each week equals the time of the prior week, and so on and so on and so forth.

Nonetheless—although it is, I realize, only a sensation and not a reality—it does truly seem that this year is passing quickly. It is nearly February, and I do not have a clear sensation that January has nearly passed. Perchance this feeling is simply a result of the general malaise under the thrall of which I have fallen and the desire for this season to pass quickly.

I cry out for sunshine, warmth, blue skies, and singing birds. It seems that as years pass and age accumulates upon me, more and more I long for the kinder, gentler time of yesteryear: Television and movies mirror the moral decay that has taken place during the last decade, at most.

All this was, certainly, predicated upon the removal of prayer from schools. This allowed the moral fabric of this nation to decay to such an extent that philosophical belief systems that previously had been patently unacceptable became fully acceptable—while we slept, as it were—and that which previously had been considered immoral became the "new normal."

I cling to the values of old and eschew all else. I am in the world, yet I am not of the world!

Taxes - I e-filed our state and federal income tax returns earlier this week. I cannot explain why I avoid doing this, since the process is relatively simple and takes but a few minutes. I use QuickBooks(r) to do my accounting throughout the year, and I use TurboTax(r) to prepare and e-file my returns. TurboTax(r) quickly and easily grasps the information it needs from QuickBooks(r), and the entire process takes but 20 minutes or so.

Gun Control - As I have said many times, "Gun control is all a matter of shot placement!"