Thursday, January 03, 2013


COLD - COLD - COLD! - It is currently 28° at 8:05 AM! The fluid in Mr. Nitro's windshield washer reservoir was frozen this morning! It was necessary for me to sit, shivering, in Mr. Nitro and impatiently await the defrosting of his windshield. Generally, a liberal squirting of windshield washing fluid significantly accelerates the clearing of the icy carapace that has formed on Mr. Nitro's windshield during the night, but today this was not an option!

It has actually become 2 degrees colder in the last 30 minutes! Fortunately, there is no wind whatever.

A small mountain town near here—Chester, on the shore of scenic Lake Almanor—is enjoying a temperature of MINUS 2 DEGREES this morning! YIKES!

A WORLD SLITHERING INTO MADNESS - If one harbored any doubt that this world is slithering into madness, consider this: Placer Teens Drug Parents to Get Internet Access, Police Say - Two teenage girls in Placer County are in legal trouble after they allegedly used a drugged milkshake to knock out one of the girls' parents so they could access the Internet, Rocklin police said.

The DA is considering charging the girls as adults, which would make their crime a felony. Try as I might, I cannot imagine the Internet offering any attraction that would cause anyone to act in this manner.

Surely, this is pure madness!