Sunday, November 04, 2012

Today, the weather is incredible--especially for this time of year. It is currently 82 degrees and sunny. We shall replenish the nectar supply in the hummingbird feeder and perch ourselves in clear view of the feeder, ready to photograph hummers that come to feed. This is great weather for the hummingbirds: Warm but not too warm. We thoroughly enjoy watching their little wings flutter wit incredible speed--hovering at the feeder while their long beaks suckle nectar. They are a constant source of enjoyment.

This is not a hummingbird! This is something Laura spotted on her way to work last Wednesday.

This is not a hummingbird either. It is, however, a very fine example of a small bird in flight! Hopefully, I will have some hummingbird photographs to share later today!
WOW! I just saw a hummer hover at the feeder. I was so surprised that I was quickly put into a daze and was unable to address his appearance with my camera!