Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I added several dozen songs to my Google Music account. Google Music is an excellent way to maintain one's song library without needing to dedicate local storage to the library. Local storage capacity is of particular concern with my Google Nexus 7, since it has a mere 8GB of internal storage. I can, of course, add storage by attaching a flash drive, but—particularly for music—I find using Cloud storage preferable.

Here is my methodology:

I ferret YouTube for videos containing songs I wish to add to my library. I then use the free YouTube to MP3 Converter from DVDVideoSoft ( to download the videos and save the music only, in MP3 format. I then upload the music to my Google Music account, using the Google Music Manager. Up to 20,000 music files may be added to one's Google Music account.

Once uploaded, music files can be accessed from anywhere bu using the Google Music app on any Android device or using the Google Music Manager on any PC. The files may be sorted by genre, song, artist, album, etc. The speed with which this may be done is truly impressive. Files may be queued similarly to produce playlists.

I highly recommend DVDVideoSoft. It offers a dazzling array of tools to meet any audio or video need. The YouTube Downloader is an awesome utility that saves YouTube videos in MP4 format.

WOW! Here is a photograph Laura took of today's harvest of organic peppers at Sierra Nevada BC. She is bringing a goodly number of these delightful items home this evening!

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