Sunday, November 25, 2012

Food! - As planned, we enjoyed our festive Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. The turkey was incredible! Laura's brine made the bird very moist and wonderfully tasty. My famous stuffing was, as always, easily the most wonderful stuffing ever encountered on this planet. The Brussels sprouts were succulent. The surprise "hit" of the meal, however, was Laura's gravy. She said she had never made gravy from scratch previously, but that would seriously stress one's suspension of disbelief, since the gravy was absolutely superb!

Saturday, I enjoyed apple pie for breakfast. That might sound odd, but it was certainly tasty!

Saturday evening, we replicated Friday's dinner. It was easily as wonderful as it had been the previous evening!

Laura shopped (I was amazed that we were in need of anything, considering the grocery purchases she had made Thursday!), deposited her purchases at our house, and drove to our church—Harvest Christian Center—and performed the cleaning duties that were scheduled for her. While she was away, I began making turkey soup.

I began simmering a pot of water—to which I had added the turkey carcass and the meat from the legs and wings. I peeled five heads of garlic, sliced two white onions, chopped six celery stalks, sliced ten large white mushrooms, cut two dozen baby carrots into thirds, and diced six large red potatoes. I bagged these ingredients and placed in the refrigerator. Laura will strain the contents of the pot—retaining the meat and liquid, add the vegetables I prepared, and tend to the soup while it simmers for hours. The house will smell wonderful.

Google Nexus 7 Performance Lag Following Update to Jelly Bean 4.2 - If you updated your Google Nexus 7 to Jelly Bean 4.2 and noticed a significant reduction in performance, HERE IS A QUICK AND EASY FIX!

The culprit is Google Currents.

Following the update to Jelly Bean 4.2, Currents syncs continuously in the background--regardless of whether the Currents app is running or not.

There are two ways to remedy this: Uninstall Google Currents -or- do the following:

1. Open App Drawer
2. Open Google Currents
3. Click on Menu (vertical bar at top right)
4. Click Settings
5. Uncheck Background Sync
6. Reboot