Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Laura and I voted via absentee ballot, as we always do. I find voting in this manner significantly more pleasant.

Earlier, I listed my choices. Please feel free to use this as a guideline when you vote today!

Deadtime Stories was so boring and so poorly made that I was able to watch only a portion of the first story. I could endure no more. I recommend that this movie be avoided.

While prowling about Netflix, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that 16 new episodes of "Psych" had been added since I viewed the series in its (then) entirety months ago. This delighted me, and I watched two episodes. I highly recommend this show. It is silly often to the point of inanity, but it has an undeniable appeal that comes from that silliness, and it truly fulfills one's need for escape--particularly important during these troubling times. I shall watch a few more episodes tomorrow. Today, my attention will be focused on election coverage.